Executive Function

Do you or your child have difficulty with planning, making transitions or establishing routines? If so, executive functioning may be an issue. This term describes a set of cognitive abilities that control and regulate other behaviours and abilities, including how to organize, plan, sequence, initiate, and monitor behaviours. Sometimes, people who struggle with executive functioning have a hard time getting things done even though they seem to know how, or figuring out how to approach things and how long they may take. We can assist you and/or your child in establishing routines, and to develop strategies to approach, break down, and initiate tasks, manage time, and make successful transitions between activities.Course Planner

Self regulation is a specific set of executive functions that govern our perception of sensation, alertness, emotion, cognition, and behavior. Problems in self regulation can be seen when it is hard to sit and listen, to initiate or to stay on task, or to shift gears. Self regulation difficulties may also be evident when there is strong reactivity to change, sensory information or perceived social slights. We can work with you to build a self regulation framework focusing on self awareness and strategy refinement for yourself or your child.